It’s what’s on the inside that matters.

It's as old as time, aged through eons, and sculpted by the wisest and most talented artisans and magicians.

In the early twentieth century it lay buried on a small mountain in Queensland, Australia. To fulfil its purpose it called upon the first samaran who named it the 'zinder'.

In return for protection it gifted her unique talents and access to its secrets. Since then five generations of samaran have been its custodians. Each inherits talents far superior to the last, advancing their legacy and growing a deep bond with the living object.

At the start of the twenty-first century the energy of the zinder flows freely through the veins of the sixth samaran. She holds the sum of power. It’s time for the zinder to reveal its reason for being.

"Mystifying and packed with intrigue, THE ZINDER captures the charm of summer in a modern Australian town and contrasts it with a multiverse on the verge of collapse."

Best for ages 14 and over