A novice shaman.

A deity in exile.

A living object.

They’re not your typical superheroes,

but this is no ordinary battle.

An aggressive virus spreads decay. The cure lies inside a mysterious entity. Five enlightened human beings have disappeared trying to find it. Now the continued existence of all living beings depends on one girl deciphering the enigma that is The Zinder.


Packed with intrigue, this imaginative book series captures the charm of summer in a sub-tropical Australian town and contrasts it with a multiverse on the verge of collapse. 

The Wounded Talisman

Book One Coming Soon

In a peaceful town in modern-day Australia, Lucida Green breathes living colours into the air. As the heir to a secret legacy it is her birthright to remove the spectral toxins that unmake reality, but first she must master this vital skill.


Worlds away in a hidden sanctuary, Bijaka makes the energy that Lucy wields. When a dark force infects the sacred space, he flees in search of help but gets trapped between worlds. To rescue him, Lucy must decipher a mysterious talisman and take a perilous journey through an unstable portal. As the infection morphs into a soul-destroying virus, no one is immune to the misery and destruction it brings, including Lucy and Bijaka. 


Testing her emerging skills to their limits, Lucy must dig deep to find the strength and wisdom of her foresisters to stop it before it reaches our world. It’s not just the legacy that’s in jeopardy, but also her sanity. Ultimately this strong-willed but innocent girl must make a choice that could alter the cycle of everlasting life. 

The Wounded Talisman is unlike anything you’ve read before — surreal and beautiful; heart-warming and mysterious. It features visually-stunning supernatural abilities, out-of-body jaunts, otherworldly beings, and spectral dark forces. If you love contemporary stories that blend reality and fantasy you’ll be won over by the first installment of Taya Wood’s exciting debut science fantasy series.