Taya Wood


Laughter is my medicine

Music is my muse

Dance is my freedom

Nature is my sanctuary 




  • Love all things quirky & offbeat. 
  • Drink decaf (mornings don't scare me). 
  • Love onomatopoeia words and alliteration affectionately always. 
  • Believe anything I'm told (seriously - it's embarrassing). 
  • Take the mindfulness highway.
  • Reserve the right to contradict myself


N am: 


  • 50% British, 50% Bajan, 100% Australian, and totally crap at maths. 
  • Accidentally punny. 
  • A peace-loving tree hugger. 
  • 62% fickle. Wait, make that 76%. 
  • Like a sponge (I soak everything up). 
  • Really a pixie but don't tell anyone. 



Unexplored possibilities and impossibilities have always fascinated me, so writing speculative fiction was inevitable. What if the trees have a collective consciousness and they're secretly controlling the world?


Intimate storytelling interests me. I like to get inside my MC's head and heart so there's no separation between you and them. That might sound a little creepy but I figure I'm taking you on a very real journey. 


From a career in graphic design and consulting in the creative industries, to a lifelong interest in metaphysics, I have arrived where I want to be: writing mystical science fantasy. This is where my heart soars, where I am most alive, and where I belong.



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